Annual General Meeting (AGM) - 2 Sep 2019

Trans Pride Leeds (TPL) will be holding an AGM on Monday 2nd September 2019, 6:30pm - 9pm at Yorkshire Mesmac in Leeds. This AGM will be primarily to elect members of the committee going forwards for organising Trans Pride Leeds 2020.

The committee will consist of 7 roles, listed below, which will all need to be filled in order for TPL2020 to proceed. If these roles are not filled then TPL2020 will not be able to happen.

If you are interested in joining the committee then please send an expression of interest stating:

  • Your Name
  • Your Pronouns
  • What role you are interested in and why
  • What experience you have with this role
  • Any access needs you might have
  • Any conflict of interest or accountability processes you are undertaking

Please send your expression of interest to by midnight on 26th August 2019.

This is so we can support anyone who may need support with this process and have any access needs or barriers to the role that may need to be taken into account and to observe any safeguarding that needs to be undertaken in this process.

Please note: The roles on the committee are open only to Trans, Non-Binary and Intersex people. Where candidates are equally qualified for a role, or receive an equal number of votes, first refusal will be given to QTIPOC candidates.

We ask that each successful candidate make a shared commitment to one meeting a month during the organising process to ensure as much face-to-face communication occurs as possible. This will be increased to two meetings a month as needed as Trans Pride Leeds approaches. A rough outline of timescales and milestones for the planning process will be listed below as well for reference, with an understanding that some of these dates may vary slightly depending on availability of the elected committee.

It will also be expected that the workload be shared amongst the committee and that each member is committed to organising or being the lead on one event in the core programming each. Groups outside of the committee such as Leeds Queer Film Festival could be engaged to organise a film event with, but the committee member would have to agree to be the point of contact from Trans Pride Leeds and work with them to organise this.

How will the AGM work?

The AGM will be facilitated by current organisers Luna Morgana and Joni Clark.

Each person wanting to stand for a role on the committee will be given 2 minutes to address the room with who they are and why they should be elected to that role. Each candidate must also declare any conflict of interest as well as any accountability processes that they may be undertaking.

After each person has presented themselves, those in the room will vote by a show of hands and the person with the most votes will be the person elected to that role. In the event of a voting deadlock then one of the meeting facilitators will have to break the deadlock.

By the end of the AGM, all 7 members of the committee must have been elected for Trans Pride Leeds 2020 to go forwards.

The reason for this is that we do not believe it is fair to ask any less than this number of people to undertake the organising of Trans Pride Leeds. For the past 2 years the organising has fallen to an even smaller group of people in a much looser organising structure, and we feel it is unfair and would go against the ethics of our communities to expect this workload to be put on any less than this number of people. This is a hard limit that is being enacted for the health and wellbeing of those organising Trans Pride Leeds.



The Treasurer will be responsible for:

  • Creating and maintaining budgets
  • Sending and receiving invoices and donations
  • Making Payments
  • Keeping financial records

Outreach Coordinator

The Outreach Officer will be responsible for:

  • Engaging with communities, relevant institutions and groups.
  • Working with Equity and Accessibility Officer to understand the needs and requirements of various community groups to help facilitate their involvement and engagement
  • Working with Marketing & Communications officer to see that communities are effectively engaged with.

Marketing & Communications Coordinator

The Marketing and Communications Officer will be responsible for:

  • Promotions, Press and Social Media
  • Overseeing the acquiring of merchandise, lanyards, hi-vis etc. as well as sale of merchandise.
  • Working with Outreach Officer to ensure effective engagement of community groups.

Chair of the Committee

The Chair of the committee will be responsible for:

  • Planning and facilitating meetings and meeting agendas
  • Co-working on creation of policies with relevant committee members
  • Providing supporting other committee members
  • Representing the organisation where necessary

Please Note: The Chair of the committee is not a role designed to create an unjust hierarchy within the committee. The Chair’s role should primarily be one of providing support and to help other members of the committee when needed. The Chair will also be responsible for breaking deadlock decisions the committee has reached.

This role cannot be filled by anyone who is a member of staff or facilitator at any local trans, non-binary or intersex groups or institutions working with the community.

Any conflict of interest or accountability processes must be declared in an expression of interest and at the AGM as with every other role.

Volunteer Coordinator

The Volunteer Coordinator will be responsible for:

  • Recruiting and inducting volunteers
  • Overseeing staffing of events by Trans Pride Leeds committee and volunteers
  • Ensuring that volunteers access needs are met
  • Seeing that safeguarding and safer spaces agreements are adhered to by volunteers

Equity & Accessibility Coordinator

The Equity and Accessibility Coordinator will be responsible for:

  • Ensuring that all venues and events are accessible and that any accessibility needs are met
  • Ensuring equitable access to Trans Pride Leeds spaces, paying attention to making sure working class, under class and those on low incomes have access to all events as well as paying particular attention to White Supremacy and Unconscious Bias within the committee, the organising process and Trans Pride Leeds events
  • Leading on Safeguarding, Safer Spaces Agreements


The Administrator will be responsible for:

  • The general email account and re-directing emails as needed
  • Taking minutes at meetings, keeping records, overseeing feedback processes and collating data
  • Overseeing organisation of all shared workspaces such as a Google Drive and shared calendars etc.
  • Working with other members of the committee to ensure effective communication

Timescales and Milestones

The dates and times below have been added to give you a sense of the timescales Trans Pride Leeds is working to. Some of the dates are negotiable based on the availability of space and the committee.

Members of the committee will have to make a shared commitment to attend one meeting a month, starting in early September, where the current organisers will hand over all Trans Pride Leeds accounts, shared space and records to the elected committee. These meetings should increase in frequency to two meetings a month etc. as the committee approaches Trans Pride Leeds festivities.

Leeds Pride Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th August 2019 Both Days
Expression of Interest Deadline Thursday 26th August 2019 18:00
AGM Monday 2nd September 2019 18:30 - 21:00
TDoR Wednesday 20th November 2019  
Core Programming Decided Wednesday 20th November 2019  
Open Meeting Thursday 28th November 2019 18:30 - 21:00
FINAL Programme Deadline Wednesday 19th February 2020 18:00
Trans Pride Leeds Friday 27th - Tuesday 31st March 2020 5 Days
Feedback Process begins Friday 3rd April 2020  
Feedback Meeting/Debrief Mid-May 2020  
Next AGM Mid-August 2020  

If you are interested in joining the committee then please send an expression of interest stating:

  • Your Name
  • Your Pronouns
  • What role you are interested in and why
  • What experience you have with this role
  • Any access needs you might have
  • Any conflict of interest or accountability processes you are undertaking

Please send your expression of interest to by 9pm on 26th August 2019.